E-bike excursions in the Dolomites

The electric bicycle, or e-bike, has been featured for a few years on the international market. This device offers the possibility to bike around the mountains, even on steep dirt roads, without putting too much strain on our bodies. Even those who do not have a specific training can handle e-bike excursions in the Dolomites, enjoying breathtaking views and visiting interesting historic and natural sites.

Even during the winter season when snowfall is scarce, e-bike excursions are doable using a special bike called Fat-Bike, equipped with two wide and “thick” wheels allowing for stable balance.

Dolomiti SkiRock offers several excursions by e-bike ranking among the most interesting and beautiful in the Ampezzo Valley and surrounding areas. Each e-bike excursion has been studied and fashioned to satisfy every biker’s need.

Itineraries are characterized by:

  • Search for the best observation points on the beautiful landscapes and panoramas in the Dolomites
  • Discovery of plant and animal life in the amazing alpine nature
  • Exploration of historical and legendary trails and locations

Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides also organize e-bike excursions in the Dolomites combined with other activities:

  • e-bike excursions + via ferrata
  • e-bike excursions + climbing

In addition, the school offers specific courses for mountain bikers for handling descents, more technical dirt stretches in total safety, and mastery of the vehicle. As a matter of fact, going downhill claims more accidents, as the biker’s technical skills are greatly tested.


What is an electric bicycle or e-bike?

The electric bicycle, a.k.a. e-bike, is more correctly defined as a bicycle with assisted pedaling; it is a “mixed” propulsion bicycle, where the legs’ muscular action is combined with an electric motor.

The electric bicycle is a smart way to move around because it guarantees a range of about 40/60 km with zero impact on the environment and no noise pollution.

Characteristics and regulations for the e-bike.

The electric bicycle (or assisted pedaling bicycle) is subject to European and Italian regulations and must have the following characteristics:

  • Power of the electric motor not to exceed 0,25 KW
  • Assisted speed not to exceed 25 Km/h

With these characteristics, the electric bike is considered a fully-fledged bicycle and does not require registration or certification; it must simply fulfill the requirements of the traditional bicycle. 

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