Heli-skiing in the Dolomites

At least once in a lifetime you must experience an excursion flying over the Dolomites by helicopter, combined with breathtaking ski runs on virgin, powdery slopes.

Leaving the valley by helicopter, then flying over the peaks of the Dolomites and admiring their majesty is quite a unique experience. If you combine it with long freeride runs along glaciers, virgin slopes or steep couloirs, the experience becomes unforgettable.


Heli-skiing in the Dolomites is permitted in specific limited areas only and can occur with Alpine Guides in attendance: they can evaluate and manage the safety of the excursion in reference to the appropriate behavior during flights, as you enter and exit the helicopter, and during the off-piste runs, by watching over the slopes, snow and weather conditions.


Dolomiti SkiRock Alpine Guides organize Heli=skiing in the Dolomites for freeride groups from December to April.

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