E-Bike excursion in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Guided tour around the magnificent Cortina valley by e-bike, an assisted-pedaling mountain bike.

One of Cortina’s more spectacular natural characteristics is its setting in a great amphitheater surrounded by beautiful and majestic peaks rather than a narrow valley.

Dolomiti SkiRock offers an excursion by e-bike in Cortina, a circular itinerary, deep in the woods, flanking brooks, rivers and alpine lakes, along dirt roads never too challenging or technically difficult.

During this e-bike excursion in Cortina, we will visit interesting locations and characteristic buildings such as the old construction where footage of the famous movie Cliffhanger with Silvester Stallone was shot in 1991.

Information on the excursion by e-bike in Cortina

The excursion on electric mountain bike, an assisted pedaling bicycle, starts in downtown Cortina where we board the Faloria Cable car taking us to 2123 meters and the Faloria Lodge. Here we can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole Ampezzo Valley.

Following a nice trail, coasting the ski slopes, we go down to Rio Gere, then going on to Malga Larieto through a beautiful and sparse larch forest.

The itinerary for the e-bike excursion to Cortina d’Ampezzo always follows an easy and fun trail. We overtake Mietres Lodge, leaving to our right the long rocky face of Monte Pomagagnon.

When we reach the old railroad tracks, we pass through two eerie tunnels, then we descend to Pian de Loa coasting the clear waters of the Boite River, later reaching the quaint hamlet of Cadin di Dentro.

Then we follow a paved road leading to Mortisa, another hamlet of Cortina, where we take a nice and gentle trail entering the Volpera woods and reaching the Pianozes Lake where we stop for a gratifying meal at the great local restaurant.

Technical information on the e-bike excursion in Cortina

  • Level of difficulty: medium - easy
  • Distance: 40,0 km
  • Overall altitude difference: 1756 metres
  • Total time for the excursion: about 4 hours
  • Average uphill incline 10 - 12%
  • Average downhill incline 10 - 12%

Itinerary map of the e-bike excursion in Cortina


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