Sellaronda by mountain bike

Sellaronda is the given name of the road and ski itinerary winding around the Gruppo del Sella, the majestic dolomitic mountain range located in between Val Badia, Val di Fassa and Valle di Livinallongo.

Sellaronda is also known as the Tour of the Four Mountain Passes because it connects four valleys by four dolomitic passes: Passo Sella (2240 meters), Passo Pordoi (2239 meters), Passo Campolongo (1875 meters) and Passo Gardena (2121 meters).

The Tour of Sellaronda is feasible year-round, clockwise and counter clockwise, using Dolomiti Superski lifts:

  • On skis
  • By mountain bike or e-bike
  • Running on foot

on the road:

  • By bicycle
  • Driving a car or a motorcycle

The Sellaronda mountain bike requires an appropriate physical and technical training to tackle the uphill and downhill trails found along the itinerary.

Sellaronda progresses both on trails exclusively for mountain bikers or for e-bikers, an assisted pedaling bicycle, and trails and dirt road in the woods taken up by hikers. During the summer season, it is accessible from June 18 to September 24, 2017, when all the Dolomiti Superski lifts are open.

Information on the Sellaronda Tour by mountain bike

The Alpine Guides at Dolomiti SkiRock organize the Sellaronda Tour by mountain bike or by e-bike, an assisted pedaling bicycle, clockwise and counterclockwise.

The Sellaronda clockwise tour is surely the less challenging of the two as the uphill incline is handled mainly by lifts. It’s a tour for everyone.

The Sellaronda counterclockwise tour however requires top notch preparation, both physical and technical, mainly to tackle the steep descents along the road which presents a remarkable elevation gain on the way up as well.

Technical information on the clockwise tour of Sellaronda:

  • Bike ride: 56 km.
  • Elevation gain by bike: 330 meters
  • Elevation gain by lifts: 3670 meters
  • Total excursion time: about 6 hours

Technical information on the counterclockwise tour of Sellaronda

  • Bike ride: 56 km.
  • Elevation gain by bike: 1050 meters
  • Elevation gain by lifts: 2400 meters
  • Total excursion time: about 5 ½ hours


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