The Mountain Guides of the Dolomiti SkiRock

The Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides are skilled professionals, qualified to teach the different techniques of mountaineering, ski mountaineering, off-piste skiing and rock climbing.

They are all registered in the Mountain Guides’ Professional Register, they all have years of experience behind them and outstanding mountaineering curricula.

Guiding the clients in every excursion, the Mountain Guides always have as primary concern their clients’ complete safety and are committed to passing on their own knowledge and awareness of the risks implied in any kind of mountain outdoor activity.


Moreover, they try to establish with their clients a good friendship based on mutual trust and respect, a strong bond that mountaineers consolidate being tied to the same rope, sharing intense and significant experiences in harsh and adventurous environments like the mountains.

Mario Dibona

I was born and currently live in the mountains, just like my father, my grandfather and every other member of the Dibona family before them.

I am constantly in close contact with nature, living in this amazing environment that might as well be challenging and adventurous. I strongly believe that it is essential to deeply know, understand and love our territory and to appreciate what it has to offer.

Working as a Mountain Guide is the most traditional, historical and significant profession to take up in the mountains, it requires great competence and experience.

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Giacomo Schenardi

The mountains... an incredible environment, a way of being, a lifestyle, a great passion that became a job thanks to professionalism and reliability.

I have always been attracted by the cliffs, feeling a constant need of touching them, to get in touch with the mountains by climbing them or floating on their powder snow covered slopes.

I knew I belonged to this environment since I were a child, and over years it rewarded me with many exciting and unforgettable moments. I learnt to know these places to the deepest, and to face them wisely.

Having my mountains constantly in my mind, in my heart and in my soul, I understood my life had to be there.

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