Tofane Trekking Tour: the Paolina Ledge

We spent the night at the Giussanti mountain lodge at 2,600 m. elevation with our friends from Munich, we left in the morning around 7:00.

The morning was clear and offered excellent visibility, but around 9:30 it started to get cloudy and rainy.

Mario said: "I know the Paolina Ledge very well because I have climbed it many times. In spite of that, I had to be extremely careful not to lose the right trail because of poor visibility".

We walked and climbed for over four hours under heavy rain to the Ra Valles cable car, and came back to Cortina soaking wet. That’s the mountain for you!

The Paolina Ledge is an itinerary developing along other ledges with about the same width going through the Middle Tofana, the Nemesis and the Inner Tofana.

This adventurous and striking trail was traced for the first time on July 10, 1966 by Carlo Gandini and Bruno Menardi, and is dedicated to Paolina Colleselli, their elementary school teacher in Cortina and great lover and admirer of the Ampezzo Valley.

The Tofana trekking tour along the Paolina Ledge is not easy to handle and is not well marked, often disappearing under a scree or debris landslides, so we recommend that you trust a professional Mountain Guide.

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