Mountaineering in Ecuador

During October 2016, Mario has organized an expedition on the Ecuador Volcanos, with Giorgio, Pietro and Sebastiano.

The team spent two week in Ecuador, acclimatizing themselves, doing the climbing and visiting Ecuador: a small but very iteresting country on the border with Colombia, Perù and the Pacific Ocean.

Ecuador has an equatorial climate, perfect to organize all yera long trekking and expeditions on the mountains and the glaciers with a vulcanic origin.

After the acclimatizing period, the team climbed three volcanos (in Ecuador there are more than 50 and most of it are still active): Pichincha Volcano 4627 mt., Cvambe volcano 5800 mt. and Chimborazo volcano 6310 mt. Chimborazo has more than one summit and the team reached the Ventenilla summit 6270 mt.

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