Climbing the Dent du Geant and the Matterhorn

Giorgio had long since wanted to conquer two great and prestigious peaks: the Dent du Geant peak in the Mont Blanc (4013 meters) and the Matterhorn (4478 meters).

We set up the expedition then we left for Mont Blanc to tackle the Dent du Geant climb. Unfortunately, once we arrived the weather was not favorable. We found a dense fog and a lot of snow, so we had to opt for a simple trekking on the glacier.

To climb the Matterhorn, we moved on to Zermatt, Switzerland. We drove up to 3260 meters to the Hornly Lodge where we spent the night. At 4 am the following day we wore our harness, ready to begin climbing the Matterhorn.

But the great face of the Matterhorn was not in good climbing conditions: as we progressed, snow and ice were still hindering our climb slowing us down.

Once we were within 200 meters from the top we decided that it was getting too late to keep going as the descent would have been long and challenging.

We reached the lodge again 14 hours later, saddened that we had not been able to reach the top of the Matterhorn, but aware that safety is first and foremost.

Yet the desire to return to that beautiful peak is still within us and we will try again soon.

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