Via Ferrata Renè de Pol on Mount Cristallo

The Via Ferrata Renè de Pol is an enjoyable and lesser crowded route that climbs up to the summit of Forame de Fora (2413 metres), in the majestic mountain group of Cristallo.

The itineray follows the First World War austrian military trails and it is still possible to see remains, trenches and caves that date back to that period.

The via ferrata mostly goes along natural ledges but includes also some vertical, more challenging pitches, that are very well equipped with steel cables and ladders.

The view from the summit is amazing, as it encompasses the peaks of Tofane and Croda Rossa, as well as the renowned Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Information about the Via Ferrata Renè de Pol on Mount Cristallo

The elevation gain of the Via Ferrata Renè de Pol  is 1000 metres (and the elevation loss when descending is 1000 metres as well). The route passes on trails that are not always easily accessible and maintained, thus, the climber needs to have a good sense of direction and ability to proceed in a quite challenging, harsh mountain environment.

The excursion starting point is the mountain hut Rifugio Ospitale, 1434 metres a.s.l.. From there, proceed along the bicycle path towards the north-east, until you reach a small bridge where you will see the signpost of the trail to the Via Ferrata Renè De Pol. This steep trail leads up to the foot of Forame de Inze, where you will find the first steel cables at the start of the via ferrata.

Climbing up on cliffs and ledges, reach the top crest that lies between the summit of Forame de Inze and that of Forame de Fora. Then, when you have reached the mountain saddle Forcella Gialla, enter the wide debris couloir of the Forcella Verde saddle, where the desceding part of the itinerary begins.

Following the traces of a trail, descend until you reach the springs of the creek Rio Felizon. From there, continue along the west face of Forame de Inze until you get back to the approach trail.

There is also an alternative descent itinerary, which is longer but easier than the above mentioned one. You will have to ascend up to the saddle Forcella Verde and then descend in the wide couloir Vallone di Pra del Vecio.

It is recommended to bring along sufficient water provisions, as you will not find water along the path. If head out on this excursion at the beginning of the season, you may still find the snow on the path. Ad inizio stagione prestare attenzione alla possibile presenza di neve lungo l'itinerario. 

The time required for completing the via ferrata (the equipped route) is approximately two hours, while the excursion overall duration time is approximately six hours.

The mountain huts along the path and nearby offering facilities and food are the following:

  • Rifugio Ospitale
  • Rifugio Passo Cimabanche

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