Trekking in Sardinia, Diversamente Sardegna

Diversamente Sardegna is a peculiar trekking tour that we have planned specifically to discover with you some of the less renowned and still unspoilt places of the Ogliastra region, in eastern Sardinia.

A six-day adventure with six itineraries, one for each day. A whole week of unforgettable excursions in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, surrounded by the pristine natural environment, hiking on trails hidden in the mediterranean scrub and diving into the incredible sardinian sea.

Information about the Diversamente Sardegna trekking in Sardinia and excursion programme

Usually during the spring and autumn seasons, when nature is at its best, the Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides lead groups of hikers to discover the marvels of Ogliastra, one of the less popular and still unspoilt regions of Sardinia.

Every day you will enjoy a different excursion, and all of the excursions are planned to trigger new emotions: you will visit a cave, abseil from the cliffs that rise sheer from the blue water of the sea, visit ancient sheepfolds, walk on the old coalmen trails that lead to isolated little beaches, hike in an amazing canyon...

It is not necessary to have mountaineering experience, as the most challenging parts of the itinerary will always be supervised by our Mountain Guide. Thus, these excursions are suitable for everyone, the only requirements are enthusiasm and "walking mood"!

The return trips at the end of the excursions are organised every day either by car or boat. You will stay overnight in a beautiful B&B, in cozy apartments provided with a small kitchen. Optionally, it will also be possible to spend a night outdoor, having dinner and sleeping on the beach and then coming back the following day.


Day 01 - Arrival 
You wil meet your group with the guide at S.Maria Navarrese by 17,00, then settle in the apartments and have a quick briefing with the Mountain Guide.

Day 02 - Cengia Giradili and Bacu Olcoè
You will hike on the itinerary that leads from Pedra Longa to the sheepfold Ginnircu, passing on the amazing ledge Cengia Giradili. After having enjoyed a tasty, local meal, you will head to Gola di Su Strumpu, a wonderful gully that you will descend abseiling to reach the seashore. Return trip by car.

Day 03 - Trekking to Grotta del Fico 
The cave can be reached by walking on limestone ledges. After a series of amazing abseiling descents you will reach a hidden passage that goes through the rock face forming an incredible window over the sea. The final 30 metre abseiling descent leads you to the cave, which is full of stalagtites, stalagmites and many other limestone concretions. The return trip will be an amazing surprise.

Day 04 - Trekking to S’istrada Longa
An almost "dolomitic" path along a wonderful overhanging ledge will lead you to the beautiful Cala Sisine, where you will enjoy the renowned sea of Sardinia. Return trip by car.

Day 05 - Trekking to Cala Mariolu
You will reach the amazing Ispuligidenie beach, with its white pebbles, through the trail that passes the Lattone sheepfolds and the panoramic Serra Lattone ridge. The fascinating, ancient coalmen trail goes down to the beach. Return trip by boat.

Day 06 - Trekking to Cala Biriola
A panoramic, overhanging passage leads to one of the most beautiful little bays of the eastern coast of Sardinia, where diving in the blue water of the sea is an absolute must-do. Return trip by boat.

Day 07 - Trekking in the Badde Pentumas Canyon
You will descend into an long canyon, where the incredible natural environment will amaze you. Return trip by car.

Day 08 - Return journey

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