Trekking in Ecuador

Next Fall Dolomiti SkiRock is organizing a trekking expedition in Ecuador.

We will be targeting the Chimborazo, 6310 m high, an Andean mountain located in the backcountry of Ecuador, approximately 180 km south of Quito.

It is the highest peak in the Ecuadorian Andes, 20 km wide in diameter, dominating a 50000 sq. km region. Because of the equatorial bulge, it is the most distant peak from the center of the earth. The top of the Chimborazo is indeed the elevation farthest from the center of the earth caused by the flattening at the poles caused by earth rotation. In spite of the fact that the volcano is 2547 m lower than Everest, its peak is 2,5 km higher than the Himalayan peak. So if by “highest peak” you mean the most far reaching into space, the Ecuadorean volcano truly is the highest peak on earth.

Information on Trekking in Ecuador

The program for trekking in Ecuador starts off with a few days stay in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, at an elevation of almost 3000 m. Five days will be devoted to two day-long trekking excursions, leading us to the top of two mountains respectively 4300 and 4700 m high: with slow climbing and descending. these are perfect for acclimatization.

At the end of the first week we will move to Cayambe and climb the volcano by the same name.

At an elevation of 5790 m, the Cayambe is an inactive Ecuadorian volcano located in the Cordillera Central, a subgroup of the Andes. This beautiful peak is located approximately 70 km north-east of Quito and is the third highest mountain in Ecuador.

We will spend the night at a shelter located 1100 m below the top of the volcano. From there we will leave at night to reach the top just after dawn. After a two-day rest, we will move from there to the Chimborazo area, where we will spend two nights at base camp before climbing the peak.

The trekking in Ecuador is scheduled from Monday, October 3rd, when we arrive in Quito, to Saturday October 14th, when we return.

  • day 01 – Arrival and overnight at Casa Helblin B&B
  • day 02 – Visit Quito and overnight at Casa Helblin B&B
  • day 03 – Trekking to Paosochoa mountain (4200 m) and overnight at Casa Helblin B&B
  • day 04 – Trekking to Guagua Pichincha mountain (4789 m) and overnight at Casa Helblin B&B
  • day 05 – Free day – overnight at Casa Helblin B&B
  • day 06 - Transfer to Cayambe and trekking to the lodge (4600 m), overnight at the Guachala shelter
  • day 07 – Trekking and climb to the top of Cayambe (5790 m - staying at the Guachala shelter
  • day 08 – Transfer to the Chimborazo area – overnight at the Carrel shelter
  • day 09 – Trekking to the Chimborazo – overnight at base camp
  • day 10 – Climbing the Chimborazo – overnight at base camp
  • day 11 – Chimborazo and transfer – overnight at Casa Helblin B&B
  • day 12 - Departure

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