Sun salutation - Surya Namaskara

The Sun has always been highly fascinating for its power of giving life to everything that grows on Earth. The Sun worship was one of the first and most natural forms of religious belief, it was both a social and religious ritual.

The Sun has always been considered an energy source: in India, since the ancient times, some peculiar techniques were used to receive and employ this cosmic energy, in order to revitalize the body, improve the health and get over weariness and indolence.

Even though in modern times these ancient rituals have gradually disappeared, the Sun still is and will always be the main source of energy for all the living beings on Earth.

The mountains have always represented the human ascending struggle and spiritual quest, being the symbol of the ideal ascent from this world to the other, metaphysical world, the connection between earth and heavens.

Spiritual and psychophysical well-being on top of the Dolomites

Our Sun salutation programme is the following: we reach the Cinque Torri by car before the dawn and then, with a 15 minute walk, we reach a strategic location where it is possible to see the Sun rising from behind the Dolomites, also known as "Monti Pallidi".

Meditation and yoga exercises (40 minutes).

After the yoga and meditation, we enjoy a pleasant breakfast with tea, coffee and home-made biscuits and conclude our experience with a relaxing walk around the Cinque Torri.

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