Steep Skiing in Cortina at Forcella Marcoira

A beautiful ski mountaineering and steep skiing excursion in Cortina will take you to the Forcella Marcoira on to a thrilling couloir which is perfectly skiable top to bottom and never too narrow or exceedingly steep.

A ski mountaineering trail still rather unknown and sparsely attended but well worth a try, both for the technically beautiful run and for the isolated and almost wild environment.

An all-encompassing and challenging excursion that, at times of poor snow cover, includes a drop by rope of a few meters on a secure spit bolt.

Information on the ski mountaineering and steep skiing excursion to Forcella Marcoira

The excursion starts at Passo Tre Croci. It follows the cross-country trail to Ciampo Marzo, where the wooded trail marked # 213 begins. Once we reach the Tardeiba area, we can see the steep incline climbing to Forcella Marcoira at 2307 m.

After the climb we reach the start of the couloir on a long and tricky traverse. The start does not present any particular difficulty except for being steep. Three quarters of the way down the couloir, at times a bottleneck requires a drop with a 15 meters double rope (excellent anchor bolt well visible on the right).

At the bottom, the couloir opens up into beautiful slopes almost reaching the forest at 1740 meters, where it meets summer trail #215 leading again to Passo Tre Croci. There is a second itinerary that reaches Forcella Marcoira.

Using the lifts systems in Monte Faloria, starting at the large parking lot in Rio Gere, we reach Tondi Faloria where, going north, we follow along the great rocky wall Ra Zestes and the Laudo peaks until we take the incline climbing to Forcella Marcoira and the descending couloir.

Technical information on the ski mountaineering and steep skiing excursion to Forcella Marcoira

  • Mountain Range: Sorapiss Support
  • Points: Rio Gere Restaurant, Son Zuogo Restaurant
  • Exposure: North
  • Elevation Gain from Passo Tre Croci: 530 meters
  • Elevation loss: 670 meters
  • Level of Difficulty: challenging
  • Maximum Incline: 40 degrees
  • Total Climbing Time: about 3 hours
  • Total Excursion Time: about 5 hours



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