Skiing Off-Piste the Holzer Couloir in the Sella Group

The Holzer Couloir is posibly the most famous steep skiing itinerary in the Sella/Pordoi Mountains.

The itinerary of the Holtzer Couloir is fascinating for isolation and skiing environment. It often provides excellent snow conditions because of its Northern exposure. 

Information on the off-piste skiing down the Holzer Couloir

To reach the off-piste run in the Holzer Couloir, we must board the cable car of the Pordoi Pass. After cutting across several meters, we arrive at the start of the couloir.

The impressive funnel entrance is quite wide at the start, the rest of the couloir being hidden from sight. Then it gradually narrows and then widens again in the central section, where it is often necessary to climb down 2 to 15 meters depending on the snow level, in order to overcome an ice prominence.

The couloir is wide enough to allow nice skiing and wide turns, and is never too steep.

Past the couloir, the off-piste skiing run continues on gentle slopes on the final stretch in the Val Lasties.

Technical Information on the off-piste skiing excursion to the Holzer Couloir

  • Mountain Range: Sass Pordoi - Sella
  • Level of difficulty: high
  • Average incline : 40 – 45%
  • Elevation loss: 500 m. in the couloir + 500 m. in Val Lasties
  • Exposure: North


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