Ski Mountaineering Excursion to Loschiesuoi

The ski mountaineering excursion to the top of Loschiesuoi unfolds in the mountain ranges of Croda da Lago and Monte Cernera. It's a circular trail, not well known or crowded, but technically very interesting, extremely varied with a few steep sections on skis and others at times even requiring the use of crampons. After we reach the small cross on the summit at 2623 meters, we follow the descent unfolding on the opposite side, along a narrow valley opening up to beautiful ski slopes.

Information on the ski mountaineering excursion to Loschiesuoi

We park the car in a small parking space a few kilometers before Passo Giau. All ski mountaineering excursions towards Forcella Giau start there.

The first part of the excursion follows the trail to Forcella Giau, then it veers to the right, climbing along the long slope in Val Cernera just below the vertical faces of the Torre Dusso. Once we reach the wide pass, we keep on climbing on a steep slope which often requires the use of crampons. When we reach the small cross on the summit at 2623 meters, we can take a look at the valley down below which we negotiate on a steep ski run.

The valley is never too steep or narrow and it's quite beautiful to ski, reaching Val di Zonia. Here we put our seal skins on and climb back up for about 130 meters towards Col Piombin. We go back to our starting point with a second nice ski run. Malga Giau is located nearby. It is a great support point where we can see the complete trail.

Technical Information on the Excursion:

  • Mountain Range: Croda da Lago – Monte Cernera
  • Exposure: North- Northeast
  • Level of Difficulty: Medium
  • Total Elevation Gain: about 820 meters
  • Total Elevation Loss: about 950 meters
  • Climbing Time: about 3 hours
  • Total Excursion Time: about 5 hours
  • Cellphone Coverage: good


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