Ski mountaineering excursion in Turkey

It may seem odd to head to Turkey for a skiing excursion, but the amazing slopes of the Taurus Mountains, the Hasan Dagi and Ercyes volcanos are a skiing location not to be missed, with the added value of being surrounded by the magic atmosphere of the East.

The Turkish history, traditions and culture together with the amazing mountains are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable, enriching experience.

Information about the ski mountaineering excursion in Turkey, Central Anatolia

The ski mountaineering excursion in Central Anatolia, Turkey, lasts eight days, five of which will be devoted to mountaineering expeditions and the remaining three to touristic itineraries to discover the amazing Turkey.

This adventure tour includes the ascent of the volcanic peaks of Central Anatolia and the traverse of the Taurus Mountains from South to East.

You will ascend Mount Engin Tepe (Embler), 3723 metre high, in the Aladag region, two high volcanos in the Central Anatolia region that overlook the wide, snowy plain below, and then you will cross the amazing and surrealistic landscapes of Cappadocia, along an easy but highly fascinating trekking itinerary that passes caves, gorges and archaeological sites.

This excursion will give you the chance to discover the traditions and culture of the local people.

The elevation gain of each ascent is almost always less than 1000 metres, but the participants should be physically fit and well trained and know well the descent techniques.

You will stay overnight in a hotel, apart from one night that will be spent in a traditional house on the Taurus Mountains, to discover the local habits and cuisine. The trips will be made by private bus, with our driver and English speaking tourist guide (a travel agency will help us in the organization).

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