Ski Mountaineering in Norway

Norway is mostly covered by mountains, its territory crossed North to South by the Nowegian Alps, reaching 2649 meters at their highest point.

In the winter season think of Norway, officially called the Kingdom of Norway, as the kingdom of ski mountaineering as well, both for its beautiful countryside and pristine nature, and for the possibility to choose each time the best suited ski mountaineering excursion for any participant.

The daily elevation gain varies from 750 to 1500 meters, but if you consider that the starting elevation is at sea level, it is a lot less tiring compared to similar excursions in the Dolomites or in the Alps.

Information on the ski mountaineering tour in Norway

During the ski mountaineering tour in Norway, the Alpine Guide will choose an excursion each time according to the weather, snow conditions and the needs of the participants. The weather can change very rapidly due to the humidity and the air temperature. The snow conditions change as well, however, they are usuallly good and enjoyable.

The Norwegian area where our ski mountaineering tour will take you is located up north, well beyond the Polar Circle, on the great Lyngen Fiord. A beautiful lodge will be our base, offering accommodations for just 16 people. It is well managed, with beautiful double rooms with bathroom, jacuzzi, outdoor sauna, a refined interior design, and featuring delicious Northern cuisine.

The itineraries for the ski mountaineering excursions can start directly from the lodge or we can reach new and virgin slopes by fast motorboat cutting through the freezing waters of the fiords.

The lodge offers rental service for any ski mountaineering equipment as needed.

The ski mountaineering tour in Norway lasts one week and it generally takes place at the end of March.


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