Ski mountaineering excursion to Croda Rossa di Anterselva

The Anterselva valley is a wonderful dolomitic valley located in the Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol region, it is a side branch of the wider Puster Valley, the ideal destination for ski mountaineering lovers who are willing to enjoy the amazing, pristine natural environment of the Dolomites.

You cannot miss the enchanting alpine lake Anterselva, which is also the starting point of many hiking and ski mountaineering itineraries, such as the ski mountaineering excursion to Croda Rossa di Anterselva (Rote Wand). This path will lead you to the top of the mountain, where the view of the main peaks of the Italian and Austrian Dolomites is just breathtaking.

Information about the ski mountaineering excursion to Croda Rossa di Anterselva

The ski mountaineering excursion to Croda Rossa di Anterselva (Rote Wand) is an amazing itinerary made up by a 9 kilometre ascent along a challenging but highly gratifying path, followed by an enjoyable off-piste skiing descent along not too steep nor dangerous slopes that stretch out from the summit of the peak down to the starting point of the excursion, at the foot of the mountain.

The ski mountaineering excursion starting point is Lake Anterselva, which is usually frozen during the winter, making it possible for hikers to walk across it and reach the road covered with snow that begins on the opposite shore of the lake and goes up to the high mountain pass called Passo Stalle.

Approximately halfway up the road, our itinerary turns right (the signs on the roadside are clearly visible) to reach a small, typical mountain hut where it is possible to take a rest while enjoying the excellent local food or a good refreshing beer.

From there, the ascending path continues, passing through the woods on your left and thus avoiding a very steep, demanding slope. The following part of the ascent is less steep than the previous one, it goes along a wide valley until it reaches the rocky slope you have to climb up in order to reach the summit cross.

The final section of the ski mountaineering ascent is the most steep and demanding one: this part of the path requires good technical skills, but it can be ascended without taking off the skis until you reach the summit of the mountain, at an altitude of 2818 metres a.s.l..

Technical information about the ski mountaineering excursion to Croda Rossa di Anterselva

  • Starting and arrival point: the car park at Lake Anterselva (1641 metres a.s.l.)
  • Duration time: approximately 4/5 hours
  • Overall elevation gain: 1177 metres (ski mountaineering ascent)
  • Overall elevation loss: 1177 metres (off-piste skiing descent)
  • Exposure: West; North-east 
  • Difficulty level: intermediate


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