Ski mountaineering in Aurina Valley, South Tyrol

The Tures and Aurina Valleys comprise the northernmost part of the Italian territory, featuring the most authentic and genuine alpine valleys in South Tyrol.

Valle Aurina is surrounded by over 80 peaks reaching 3000 meters and its morphological formation makes it a paradise for ski mountaineers, offering a variety of skiing excursions on both sides of the valley.

At about 1600 meters above sea level, at the end of the country road, lies the striking little town of Casere: from there we can keep on going on skis only!

The Mountain Guides of Dolomiti SkiRock offer ski mountaineering excursions in Valle Aurina, South Tyrol

Ski Mountaineering trip to Passo dei Tauri in Aurina Valley at 2600 meters, South Tyrol

The trail climbs up a wide and regular slope facing east and reaching the ridge at the border with Austria. The descent offers the great chance to ski down long slopes, never too steep or too challenging.

Elevation gain 1000 meters
Climbing time about 3 hours
Total time about 4 and a half hours
Level of difficulty – Good ski mountaineer

Ski Mountaineering Excursion in Aurina Valley to the Vetta d'Italia at 2912 meters, South Tyrol

The Vetta d'Italia is a mountain in the Eastern Alps located at the border between Austria and Italy. Traditionally it is considered the northernmost point in Italy. The ski mountaineering excursion offers a long trail, mainly in the first part, that reaches the Tridentia Shelter at 2441 meters. The second and more interesting part follows the ridge on the border up to the final slope before you reach the top. The descent follows the upward trail in reverse.

Elevation gain 1290 meters
Climbing time 4 to 5 hours
Total time about 6 hours
Level of difficulty – good ski mountaineering

Ski Mountaineering excursion to the top of Mount Sattelslitze in Aurina Valley at 2850 meters, South Tyrol

This beautiful ski mountaineering excursion runs above the little town of Casere, and start and finish end up directly at the hotel. The first part of the trail climbs along a sparse pine and larch forest, later entering a great rocky amphitheater. The slopes climb evenly to the top. The descent along long and regular slopes is quite exciting.

Elevation gain 1250 meters
Climbing time about 3 and a half hours
Total time about 5 hours
Level of difficulty – good ski mountaineer

Ski Mountaineering Excursion to Monte Fumo in Aurina Valley, South Tyrol

Monte Fumo is considered one of the most beautiful and scenic mountains in the whole Zillertal Alpine mountain range. The view covers the surrounding valleys at 360 degrees and the majestic Picco dei Tre Signori and the Pizzo Rosso di Predoi at 3450 m. are truly impressive, making you forget the hardship of getting to the top. The ski mountaineering trail leaves from Casere and follows a trail in the woods, climbing up to some beautiful and typical mountain huts. Continue along various slopes, up to the ridge leading to the top. With poor snowfall, you must overcome a few first and second difficulty level rocky stretches. The descent follows along the upward trail; it's very long but beautiful.

Elevation gain 1651 meters
Climbing time 4 to 5 hours
Total time 6 to 7 hours
Level of difficulty – excellent ski mountaineer


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