Selvaggio Blu, trekking itinerary in Sardinia

An incredible adventure in the amazing Sardinia, a fascinating trekking itinerary that stretches out along the coastline of the Orosei gulf, in the territory of Baunei municipality.

You will live a six-days adventure hiking through the mediterranean scrub of the sardinian coast, passing little bays, cliffs, caves, streams and shepherds' trails. You will enjoy amazing views and a pristine natural environment, that can trigger unforgettable emotions.

Information about the Selvaggio Blu trekking itinerary and excursion programme

Usually during the spring and autumn seasons, when nature is at its best, the Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides lead groups of hikers to discover the Selvaggio Blu trekking tour, the most beautiful and challenging of the Italian itineraries.

The Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides' knowledge and experience are essential in order to live this amazing adventure in complete safety. Difficult trails, paths requiring climbing skills, such as abseiling, lack of water springs: these are challenges that require the professional assistance of experienced and qualified mountain guides.

This itinerary elevation gains are not comparable with those of the trails on the Alps, but the peculiar terrain and the difficulties of orientation put the hikers' skills to test. This itinerary is suitable for hikers who already have some experience in mountain excursions and in walking long distances carrying their own backpack.

The parts of the trail that require climbing techniques or abseiling will always be supervised by our Mountain Guides, thus they will be accessible also for people who do not have any mountaineering experience.

Along this trekking itinerary there aren't huts offering facilities and food, thus the hikers' group must be self-sufficient for the whole excursion. Dolomiti SkiRock will place food and water provisions along the trail in advance.

The itinerary is divided into six parts, each one will be completed in one day. The path goes along the ancient coalmen and shepherds' trails that have been linked together to form the current itinerary.

You will enjoy your days spent walking between the mountains and the sea, through the mediterranean scrub or on the cliffs that rise sheer from the blue water and that you will climb down to reach the wonderful, isolated little bays where you will have the chance to swim at sunset.

You will stay overnight in natural shelters or bivouacs, or simply under the stars, rediscovering the forgotten experience of sleeping outdoor, an unusual experience for all of us, to which you will easily get used again, learning to enjoy it and appreciate its value.

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