Wild Alpine trail of the Paolina Ledge

This coveted and sought after route is only for the most passionate climbers. The route crosses the Tofana di Mezzo and Tofana di Dentro along exposed ledges, rocky patches and little iced fields of snow.

It is not described in any guide, because the route is not marked, and therefore more difficult to follow and under-explored. We, the mountain guides of Cortina, want this route to remain intact and wild, an adventurous and unforgettable experience for those who tackle it.

It is essential to rely on a mountain guide who knows the place.

About the Paolina Ledge

The Paolina Ledge can be completed in a long day or better still with a stop at the Giussani mountain refuge at 2600 meters.

The first part goes down the valley of Masarè passing behind a wall of snow with an icy landing on the Masare ledge. Following these exposed ledges, with a few 2nd degree passages, you reach the entrance of the Vallon de Raola. You can now either go down via the fun "ghiaione" and get to Fiames or remain at altitude reaching the Ra Valles cable car.

The journey time from Rifugio Giussani is approximately 6 to 7 hours while the entire tour is 8 to 9 hours.

Support stations and refreshments along the route include:

  • Rifugio Giussani
  • Ra Valles cable car


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