Ortles-Cevedale ski mountaineering traverse

An amazing ski mountaineering excursion on the Ortler Alps, a five-day circular itinerary that includes some of the most renowned peaks of this range, all of which are more than 3000 metre high.

This is a unique itinerary along crests, glaciers and valleys that are a dream location for the ski mountaineering enthusiasts.

Information about the Ortles-Cevedale ski mountaineering traverse

During the ski mountaineering traverse you will stay overnight in the traditional high-mountain huts, that always provide amazing food, facilities and everything that is needed for a pleasant stay.

The mountain huts are the following: Rifugio Martello (2610 metres), Rifugio Branca (2493 metres).

The summits that you will ascend are the following: Cima Beltovo di Dentro (3325 metres), Cima Cevedale (3769 metres), Cima Palon de la Mare (3703 metres), Monte Pasquale (3554 metres), Punta San Matteo (3678 metres).

Difficulty level: intermediate/advanced

The elevation gain for every part of the tour is always more than 1000 metres, thus it is essential to be well trained and physically fit and a good knowledge of the descent techniques is required.

Programme of the Great ski mountaineering traverse Ortles-Cevedale

Meeting point at the village of Solda, the evening before the excursion first day. You will have a briefing with your guides and group, check the equipment and stay overnight in a B&B.

Day 1
Ascento to Passo del Madriccio by taking the Solda cable car. From there short descent on a mild slope and ascent to Cima Beltovo di Dentro along a crest. Descent along Val Madriccio down to Rifugio Corsi. Last ascent towards Rifugio Martello, where you will stay overnight.

Day 2
Ascent to the summit of Cima Cevedale and descent along Vedretta (small glacier) di Cedè towards the valley Val dei Forni. Last ascent to Rifugio Branca, where you will stay overnight.

Day 3
Ascent to the summit of Cima Palon de la Mare and descent to Rifugio Branca, where you will stay overnight.

Day 4
Traverse of the peak Punta S.Matteo and return trip to Rifugio Branca, where you will stay overnight.

Day 5
Ascent of Monte Pasquale, descent to the pass Colle del Pasquale and traverse towards the Cevedale, descent along the Vedretta Lunga (small glacier), ascent of Cima Solda and final descent along the Vedretta di Solda to reach the ski slopes that lead back to the village of Solda.


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