Olga Corner Route to the Western Great Tower of the 5 Torri

The Route was opened in 1929 by E. Lacedelli, Olga and R. Zardini

This Route is located on the North Face of the Western Great Tower, just 15 minutes from the Scoiattoli Lodge and 25 minutes from the 5 Torri Lodge.

Nowadays we climb it mainly on slabs and overhangs, disregarding the climb along corners and cracks chosen by the first climbers of the classic routes in the Dolomites as those often were the lines easier to handle.

The Olga Route is perfectly suited to teach the technique for climbing corners and cracks. With the Dolomiti SkiRock Alpine Guides you will be able to learn and refine climbing techniques such as the Dulfer substitution and progression.

Along the route, the resin-coated pitons are not placed at short intervals, but the rock provides great choices of protection using friends and stoppers.

Information on the Olga Corner Route

L1 V
A 45-meter length to a niche where we stop at the belay.

L2 IV or V
We directly climb the corner/crack at level 5 or we cross to the right from the niche to a nice slab.

We reach the summit on easy rocks.

The belays are on resin-coated pitons. On the opposite side we handle the climb down the Normal Route by two 25-meter rappels, then a second 25-meter rappel down to the base.


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