Off-piste skiing Sci 18 to Mount Faloria

This is one of the most renowned and popular off-piste skiing slopes of Cortina, it stretches out along a sheer cliff from Mount Faloria towards the town.

This slope used to be considered a highly challenging off-piste skiing itinerary suitable for skilled, experienced skiers but the new cableway has transformed it in a very popular and always crowded slope.

Information about the off-piste skiing itinerary Sci 18 to Mount Faloria

The off-piste skiing itinerary Sci 18 starting point is at the skilift arrival: from there, go down a few metres along the groomed slope and cross it towards left, then skiing along the mountain foot you will get to an historical building that was used in 1993 during the movie shooting of the renowned Cliffhanger, starring Sylvester Stallone.

At the beginning the slope is quite narrow, but after a few metres it becomes wider and enables skiers to enjoy their descent.

There are other possible access points, but their availability should be checked every time, as it varies depending on the different snow conditions.

When you will be approaching the wood, cross the slope towards right to ski down a steep passage among the larch trees, then keep traversing towards right to reach the Faloria cableway halfway station to get to the summit and then ski down again.

Another possible itinerary is the following: cross the slope towards left when approaching the wood, to ski down an untracked slope. Slaloming among the trees, you will reach a small trail that leads to the hut Malga Meneguto, an excellent place where to take some rest while enjoying a well-deserved beer before coming back to Cortina by taxi.

Technical information

  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Average slope: 35°
  • Elevation loss: 850 metres
  • Exposure: West


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