Off-piste skiing on Marmolada Glacier

The Marmolada is one of the most renowned massifs of the Alps and is known as Regina delle Dolomiti (Dolomites Queen) for its considerable height of 3343 metres.

Northwards, this mountain has the shape of a huge trapezoid that encompasses the glacier, while on the south face it breaks suddenly into vertical, sheer limestone cliffs more than 1000 metre high. Mountaineers from all over the world have climbed on these rock walls and their ascents are landmarks in the history of mountaineering.

Among the off-piste skiing enthusiasts, Marmolada is known as Regina della Polvere (Powder Queen), as its slopes covered with powder snow and more than 1200 metre long are an actual paradise for the lovers of this discipline.

Information about the off-piste skiing itinerary on Marmolada

The Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides will lead you to discover the amazing Marmolada off-piste skiing slopes. You will live amazing, exciting day skiing always in complete safety on numerous different slopes, where the most experienced skiers can get to an overall elevation loss of more than 5500 metres...

The day-long excursion usually starts from Cortina. We usually gather there and reach Arabba by car, with a 40 minute ride.

By taking the fast lifts of Porta Vescovo it is possible to reach rapidly the pass Forcella Padon, from where an enjoyable off-piste skiing slope goes down to the mountain hut Malga Ciapela, that is also the starting point of the Marmolada cableway.

Along the Marmolada glacier, in a breath-taking natural environment, there is plenty of possible itineraries to choose from. Our guides will show you the three best off-piste skiing itineraries, that you absolutely cannot miss.

The excursion will end with a last off-piste skiing slope, reachable with a 10 minutes walk: a narrow couloir that ends up in a wide but steep couloir.

Technical information

  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Average slope: 25 / 30°
  • Elevation loss of each slope: 1200 metres
  • Exposure: South and North


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