Off-piste skiing in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Off-piste skiing on unspoilt slopes in the pristine nature, far from the crowded ski resorts, where it is always possible to choose new itineraries in complete freedom, without any compulsory path enclosed by nets and signposts: for many skiers, this is the ultimate skiing experience.

Skiing in the untracked powder to discover an unknown and silent world triggers emotions that are not easily found in other sports. Cortina d'Ampezzo is definitely the ideal place where to live such an extraordinary adventure.

The wide range and variety of slopes and itineraries make Cortina and the surrounding Dolomites the perfect place where anyone, from the technically skilled and well-trained expert skiers to the beginners, can live his own highly gratifying skiing experience.

Off-piste skiing in complete safety

During the winter, the Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides organize off-piste skiing excursions every day, to discover the amazing itineraries of Cortina d'Ampezzo and surroundings. Our guides always accurately choose the itinerary depending on the weather and snow conditions and the participants' level of experience, training and physical fitness.

The possibilities are numerous and range from steep, exciting slopes along narrow couloirs between vertical rock faces to gentle slopes on wide, sunlit declines covered with powder snow, from skiing excursions in the wide Dolomites valley to skiing excursions through the spruce and larch woods.

Here there are some of our off-piste skiing excursion in Cortina d'Ampezzo and surroundings:

Off-piste skiing in Faloria

  • Freeride Val Orita: an amazing, wide valley with 1200 metre elevation loss, an itinerary of average difficulty
  • Freeride Sci 18: one of the classic and most renowned off-piste skiing itineraries of Cortina, the difficulty is average and the elevation loss is 850 metres
  • Freeride Canalino Centrale Faloria: narrow couloir with 850 metre elevation loss, medium-high level of difficulty

Off-piste skiing in Tofana

  • Freeride Vallon de Raola: an extraordinary valley with 1450 metre elevation loss, an itinerary of average difficulty
  • Freeride Bus de Tofana: a spectacular and challenging itinerary, one of the best off-piste skiing location of the Dolomites, with 1200 metre elevation loss
  • Freeride Vallon dei Comate: a varied itinerary along slopes, woods and rocks with 1100 metre elevation loss, of average level of difficulty

Off-piste skiing in Cinque Torri and Lagazuoi

  • Freeride La Boa: an easy, enjoyable and safe off-piste skiing itinerary, particularly suitable for beginners. The elevation loss is 700 metres
  • Freeride Forcella Col dei Bos: an amazing and easy itinerary in the spectacular environment of the Ampezzo Nature Park, with an elevation loss of 950 metres

Off-piste skiing in Cristallo

  • Freeride Pra del Vecio: a classic and challenging off-piste skiing itinerary on the Creste Bianche that goes down to reach the pass Cima Banche on a beautiful slope with 1500 metre elevation loss
  • Freeride Canalino Staunies Nord: a steep and demanding couloir between the North faces of Monte Cristallo with more than 1500 metre elevation loss
  • Freeride Canalini di Val Fonda: three couloirs of different levels of difficulty that go down to the Val Fonda with 1500 metre elevation loss


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