Off-piste skiing Val Orita to Mount Faloria

An intermediate level off-piste skiing excursion down an amazing wide slope with 1200 metre elevation loss. The slope sun exposure contributes to the creation of a thick, compact snowpack where you can enjoy an amazing off-piste skiing experience, while in the coldest periods of the winter season it is possible to ski on powder snow down to the valley.

Information about the off-piste skiing excursion in Val Orita to Mount Faloria

It is possible to access the slope from many points: the recommended one is the arrival point of the skilift, from where you should turn left diagonally to reach a mild slope that leads to the Valle Orita slope.  The other access point is reachable by taking the chairlift that goes to Tondi di Faloria. Behind the safety nets you will see some steep narrow rills that lead to Valle Orita as well.

The valley is wide and always offers the possibility to ski in untracked snow, making your own track, then approaching the wood you will have to keep right, skiing among the larch trees until you cross a small trail that leads to the Acquabona hamlet with its typical wooden hut from where it is possible to take the bus that will take you back to Cortina.

Technical information

  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Average slope: 32°
  • Elevation loss: 1200 metres
  • Exposure: South-west


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