Mount Antelao ski mountaineering excursion

The Mount Antelao, 3264 metre high, is the second highes Dolomites peak and, together with Tofana di Rozes is one of the most sought-after ski mountaineering itineraries of the Ampezzo basin. It is a demanding but highly panoramic and satisfying ski mountaineering excursion.

To reach the summit of the King of the Dolomites it is necessary to be physically fit and well-trained and to have good ski mountaineering skills. The itinerary is varied, it goes across rills, plateau, steep slopes and weather-beaten ridges and requires the knowledge of many different mountaineering techniques: the ascent wearing the ski skins, or with ice axe and crampons, rope-team ascent and descent progression on the steepest rock faces, off-piste skiing.

The last part of the ascent to the summit is particularly exciting, along a narrow and sharp ridge. The amazing view of the whole Dolomites range is the prize for the brave mountaineers that have climbed the 1700 metres up to conquer the summit.

Information about the ski mountaineering excursion to Mount Antelao

The ski mountaineering excursion to Mount Antelao is usually done in the spring season, leaving at dawn from Rifugio Scotter, which is reachable by car. From there, progress towards Forcella Piccola along a rill where it is possible to hike or ski depending on the snow conditions, and then ascend the wide rill that reaches the access point to Canale Lindemann, to be climbed up with ice axe and crampos. At the end of the steep rill, ascend with the ski skins on the slabs of the Antelao, that have slopes that reach 40°, to reach the Bivacco Cosi (currently buried under a landslide). Leave there your equipment in order to progress more freely, just with ice axe and crampons and forming a rope-team, along the sharp ridge to reach the summit of the peak.

From the summit, descend along the same path with the utmost caution as the cliffs are overhanging and the snow conditions, that should be repeatedly checked, can vary within the same day. The other possible descent itinerary along the rill left of Lindemann requires the use of abseiling techniques.

Technical information

  • Starting and arrival point: Rifugio Scotter (1580 metres)
  • Elevation gain: 1700 metres from the Rifugio
  • Elevation loss: 1700 metres to the Rifugio
  • Exposure: all directions
  • Difficulty level: advanced


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