Lagazuoi ski mountaineering excursion

An amazing, panoramic ski mountaineering itinerary that combines the ascents of three mountain passes on Fanis Sud Massif: Forcella del Quaire, Forcella del Mortaio and Forcella Grande.

This itinerary can be completed in just one day, The ascents are never too long and the descents are perfect, from the slopes it is possible to see the most beautiful peaks of the Fanis-Lagazuoi mountain group.

This itinerary can be almost described as a ski mountaineering high route, as it goes through different natural environments ascending the peak, stretches out on different rock faces which have different exposure, and is surrounded by the pinnacles and summits of the high, majestic Tofane and the deep Val Travenanzes.

Information about the Lagazuoi ski mountaineering excursion to Fanis Sud

The ski mountaineering excursion to Fanis Sud starts from Passo Falzarego, where it is possible to take tha cable car that leads to Monte Lagazuoi. After tha traverse towards the Travenanzes valley, progress with your ski skins towards Bivacco Della Chiesa, then turn right and climb up to the pass Forcella del Quaire.

From there descend along the other side of the pass, on perfect slopes covered with powder. Then complete the quick ascent to Forcella del Mortaio and enjoy another off-piste skiing descent.

The last part of the excursion, that requires again to use the ski skins, leads to the pass Forcella Grande, from where you will descend along an amazing off-piste skiing slope on a steep couloir that ends up in milder and wider slopes that lead to the hut Capanna Alpina, towards Val Badia.

Finally, you will go back to Passo Falzarego by taxi.

Technical information

  • Starting and arrival point: Passo Falzarego (2109 metres)
  • Elevation gain: 1400 metres
  • Elevation loss: 1400 metres to Capanna Alpina
  • Exposure: all directions
  • Difficulty level: intermediate


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