Heli-skiing in Cortina d'Ampezzo

As the majority of the territory of Cortina and of all the Dolomites is bordering the Natural Parks of the Dolomites, practicing heli-skiing is very limited.

It is possible to have spectacular runs on glaciers, valleys and immaculate slopes, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world, only in a few very remote areas, close to the vertical faces of the Dolomites, that are practically unreachable and require the use of a helicopter.

Heli-skiing in Cortina offers a day trip that will remain etched in your memory both from the environmental aspect and the excitement of flying by helicopter, brushing the sharp ridges of the mountains; and from the skiing perspective it will provide diverse and spectacular runs.

Information on Heli-skiing excursions in Cortina

About 2 km north of Cortina the heliport in Fiames is the starting point for heli-skiing. With a ten-minute transfer flight, we reach the first ski valley and take the first freeride, then again by helicopter we take the further rotations included in the program.

The Equreuil B3 helicopter, manned by an expert pilot with over eleven thousand flight hours, is available for transportation.

The Alpine Guides of Dolomiti SkiRock, who organize and accompany the riders during the Heli-skiing in Cortina, were born and have lived in the area. They have acquired great professional experience so they are perfectly capable to carefully evaluate the best weather and snow conditions to complete this extraordinary activity in total safety.


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