Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa ascents

A four-day excursion to ascend two of the most renowned 4000 metre summits of the Alps: Gran Paradiso, the only 4000 metre summit which is completely located in the Italian territory, and Monte Rosa.

Two combined ascents, that do not present any particular technical problem, to discover the high-altitude glaciers, living a unique experience and enjoying amazing, unforgettable views of the Alps.

Information about the Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa ascents

During the months of July and September, the Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides organise every week the ascents of Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa, a guided excursion aimed at groups of not more than four persons. Our guides will lead you to reach the summit of these 4000 metre mountains, providing you with all the techniques and support needed in order to enjoy this amazing adventure in complete safety.

Gran Paradiso ascent

You will ascend from the side where the mountain hut Chabod is located, passing the Laveciau glacier and enjoying the view of the icy slope of the northwest face. Then, you will climb over the mountain pass called "schiena d'asino" and turn left towards col Montcorvè, then head towards the rocky ridge that leads, with relatively easy but weather-beaten passages, to the summit, which is 4061 metres high.

You will descend along the same path, until you turn towards the hut Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele in order to carry out a circular itinerary.

The whole excursion duration time may vary from eight to nine hours.

Monte Rosa ascent

From the mountain hut Rifugio Città di Mantova you will climb up along the glacier towards the hut Rifugio Gnifetti. Circumvent the hut on the right side along mild slopes and reach a wide, flat area which presents some crevasses.

Then cross the whole plateau towards the south-western edge of Vincent Pyramid and start climbing up the Lys glacier diagonally, towards left, following the compulsory path between the large crevasses and never getting too much away from the steep slopes of the Vicent Pyramid.

You will reach the snowy hollow below the Balmenhorn. Pass it, leaving it behind you on your right, and continue on the trail that lead to Colle del Lys (4248 metres a.s.l.).

At the end of the wide, snowy plain the trail goes down traversing the north face of the peak Punta Parrot, until it reaches a hollow below, Colle Sesia (4299 metres a.s.l.).

Then the trail starts going up again, crossing diagonally the slope below Punta Gnifetti to reach the extremity of the Grenzgletscher glacier and the the col Gnifetti (4454 metres a.s.l.).

From the col, the trail turns right, crosses a small plateau and then ascends through a steep slope the west face of Punta Gnifetti to reach its summit, where the hut Rifugio Regina Margherita is located (4554 metres a.s.l.).

The duration time of the ascent escursion, from the mountain hut Rifugio Città di Mantova to the summit, is approximately five hours, while the complete itinerary duration time is eight-nine hours.

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