Via Ferrata Fusetti at Sass de Stria

Along the southwest face of the Sass de Stria Mountain the Alpine Army Corps bolted a new via ferrata that follows the historic trail Lieutenant Mario Fusetti took during the Great War.

According to historic facts at two a.m. Lieutenant Mario Fusetti and his Italian Army mates climbed this face to conquer the summit of the Sass de Stria Mountain, a peak of great strategic importance.
After very heavy fighting between the Austrian and Italian troops, Fusetti lost his life; his body was buried in the peak's cracks and was never found.

Dolomiti SkiRock offers a very interesting yet never too difficult circular tour around this mysterious mountain, along trails, tunnels, trenches and the new via ferrata.

Information on the Via Ferrata Fusetti at Sass de Stria

From the Falzarego Pass we drive to the In Tra I Sass large parking lot where the Museum of the 1915-18 World War is located. We follow a trail that borders the northwest faces of the Sass de Stria, reaching the entrance of the Goinginger Austrian tunnel. Wearing head lamps, we cross the mountain into this spectacular tunnel, resurfacing on the opposite side. Then we continue on a gravel trail reaching the start of the via ferrata.

The via ferrata is never exceedingly challenging or technical and reaches the mountain's ridge. To get to the large cross on the summit we follow a number of trenches and tunnels that appear to create an unbelievable rocky labyrinth.

From the top we enjoy an incredible view over the mountain ranges, the sites of fighting during World War I: Col di Lana-Monte Sief, Cinque Torri, Averau and Nuvolao, Lagazuoi, Tofana di Rozes, Marmolada, Setsass, as well as over other mountains in the Dolomites. (Pelmo, Civetta, Gruppo del Sella, Piz dles Conturines).
The descent follows the mountain's ridge.

Please Note: we suggest a visit to the museum where you can view the best and most varied collection of object used during the Great War in the Dolomites, over 2000 historical finds collected by the Lancedelli family. 

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