Ferrata della Memoria at Vajont Dam Valley

The via Ferrata della Memoria runs along the rock vertical faces which are close to the 250 mt high dam in the Vajont River Canyon.

This via Ferrata wants to remind the tragedy happened in october 9th 1963, when a massive land slide felt down from Monte Toc going into the lake basin and causing a big wave above the dam.

This massive water fall destroied some nearby villages killing 1910 persons.

Information about the Via Ferrata della Memoria at Vajont Dam Valley

Inaugurated on october 9th 2015, this via ferrata it’s very well equipped and safe, with metal stairs in the hardest sections, and lots of the steepest sections in this via ferrata are in the first part.

The car park area it’s along the road nr. 125 from Longarone to Erto, at the sixth curve there is a clear indication for the via ferrata.

Close to the car park i twill be easy to find the start of the via ferrata going into a 150 mt. long gallery.

At the end of the gallery starts the metal wire.

The descend it ‘s along a nice trail to the small village of Codissago until the road nr. 125, at this point take right and in 10 minutes back to the car park area.

  • Time to climb: 2,15 h
  • Descent time: 1,00 h
  • Ecursion time: 3,30 - 4,00 h
  • Overall elevation gain: 260 metres
  • Development path: 700 metres

To view and book the scheduled dates of the via ferrata group excursions consult our program, go to: Group Excursions in Cortina

Ferrata della Memoria at Vajont Dam Valley


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