Cortina trekking tour around the Ciadin de Laudo

The spectacular ring around the peaks of Ra Zestes and Ciadin de Laudo in Cortina is not a popular trekking trail, yet it is a highly rewarding experience, with stretches equipped with metal cables.

Along the trail we reach one of the most picturesque attractions in Cortina: the turquoise lake in the Sorapis Range where it is even possible to have an invigorating and refreshing swim during summer months.

One more interesting feature in the Sorapis is the small glacier that feeds the lake, one of the few left in the Dolomites.

Information on the trekking from Cortina to Ciadin de Laudo

We start from Cortina at 8.30 a.m., climbing to Faloria Lodge by cable car.

The trekking from Cortina to Ciadin de Laudo starts from the Lodge, climbing along the ski slope and reaching the start of trail #213 leading to Faloria Fork. This is a magnificent trail, with low elevation gain and a breathtaking view of Monte Cristallo and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

From the fork, we avoid the old trail running along the mountain, currently closed due to a huge landslide; we follow trail #216 instead, overtaking an easy but exposed trail, equipped with a metal cable, until we can catch a glimpse of the Sorapis Lake. Descending quickly, we reach the lake and the Vandelli Lodge.

After a deserved rest, we climb the grueling trail leading to the Punta Nera Fork, overcoming cabled stretches and iron steps. From the fork we descend along a slippery trail along the great Punta Nera amphitheater reaching once again the Faloria cable car.

A challenging alternative includes reaching the beautiful top of the Punta Nera, a second-degree difficulty climb.

Technical Information on the Trekking from Cortina to Ciadin de Laudo

  • Reference: Sorapis
  • 360 degrees exposure
  • Support and Refreshment Points: Faloria, Tondi and Vandelli Lodges
  • Trail length: about 13 km.
  • Elevation Gain: about 850 m.
  • Total walking time: 6-7 hours
  • Level of difficulty: medium (cabled stretches)
  • Cellular Coverage: moderate

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