Off-piste skiing Vallon de Raola to Tofane

One of the historical off-piste skiing itineraries of Cortina, that used to be accessible only during the spring season, when the snow conditions were perfect.

Currently, it is possible to ski down this slope on amazing powder snow even in the coldest winter periods, but only under safety-checked snow conditions and no avalanche danger on the cliffs of Tofana di Mezzo and Tofana Terza.

Information about the off-piste skiing itinerary Vallon de Raola

It is possible to access this slope from the arrival point of the Bus de Tofana chairlift, skiing along the traverse below the imposing rock face of Tofana di Mezzo while enjoying the amazing view of the Ampezzo basin. It is possible to access this slope only under perfect weather and snow conditions, when the snow is compact and stable.

At the bottom of this traverse you will see the remains of a First World War outpost clinging below a cliff.

The wide, northward slope is amazing: it is steep, over 1000 metre long and highly enjoyable.

Once you get at the bottom of the slope, continue on the trail in the wood: it has some flat points but is very interesting from a naturalistic point of view, moreover it leads to Fiames, from where it is possible to take the bus back to Cortina.

Technical information

  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Average slope: 34°
  • Elevation loss: 1450 metres
  • Exposure: North


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