Normal Route on the Short Fourth Tower in the 5 Torri

The Route was opened in 1922 by A. Dibona e A. Girardi

The Short Fourth Tower is the most popular of the five towers. It is slightly tilted, providing an easy and pleasant climb to anyone, young and adult. It is the ideal spot to approach mountain climbing in the Dolomites and to learn basic techniques to face a multi-length route.

The Tall Fourth Tower nearby offers instead a beautiful variant along a slightly more vertical and technical face ideal to perfect progression in climbing.

Information about the Normal Route of the Short Fourth Tower at the 5 Torri

We start on the North-Eastern face, climbing straight up to a prominent roof.

From the belay we traverse to the left and climb up to a narrow ledge.

We climb straight up, slanting slightly to the left and reaching a small rim.

We keep going on a nice climb with good holds reaching a slim crack that we handle up to the top on the right.

All belays rest on large cemented pitons. We climb down on the opposite side, descending on the slanted plate, reaching a large cemented piton. From there we reach the base with a 25-meter rappel.


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