Climbing route on Spalti del Col Bechei, Via Los Angeles 84

Climbing route opened by Mario Dibona and Paolo Bellodis on August 24, 1984

Main Features

Beautiful route in eight lengths, offering an exciting climb that follows a great corner and continuing in a crack to the top. Along the route the rocks are spectacular.
It features 6+ degree maximum.


10 quickdraws, cords and slings, friend series, also large.

General Information

Mountain Group: Dolomiti di Fanes
Spalti del Col Bechei
Face: South
Climbing time: about 4 hours
Elevation gain: 310 meters

Approach: about 1 hour and 40 minutes (it is possible to rent a Jeep, saving a lot of energy)
From the parking lot at the entrance of the Natural Park in Ampezzo, follow the wooded road taking you to Val di Fanes (trail #10) until you arrive in the proximity of the face, at an elevation of 1758 meters. Cross Rio Fanes on the wooden bridge and continue for a few hundred meters along a grass trail until it levels off. Take the steep slope on a slightly traced trail leading to the base of the face and the marked corner.

Descent: about 1hour and 30 minutes to the base of the face.
Once you reach the grass ledge, you need to cross to the left and descend for 300 to 400 meters on rocky slopes, up to a tall pine on the edge of the face (cord and carabiner). You return to the starting ledge with 3 rappels (from 2 to 50 meters and from 1 to 25 meters).

Report on the ascent of the Via Los Angeles 84 climbing route

The Via Los Angeles 84 was the first climbing route traced along this magnificent face.

This climbing route on Spalti del Col Bechei is an example of great logic along a marked corner, climbing straight up to mid-face then through cracks and slabs up to the top.

The rope lengths along the great corner are beautiful and well structured; the second length, quite demanding, keeps you on the right face, later returning to the corner ending under a great roof. You avoid it with a great cross to the left. Once over a mule's back, continue along a crack: there you need to be very careful! From there, cross to the right to avoid a yellow face. Continue then along a vertical crack up to a great niche that you can exit on the right with a difficult and overhanging climb reaching a grassy area. Keep on climbing a long length that will take you to the top of the face.

Note: Tackle this face after a period of good and dry weather


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