Climbing route at Falzarego Pass, Via Cobertaldo on Sass de Stria

This route was opened by A. Cobertaldo and L. Pezzotti in 1939

It is a traditional climbing route that stretches out along a vertical corner.

The Via Cobertaldo climbing route at Falzarego Pass is equipped with cemented bolts and is highly enjoyable. It is not particularly challenging but, even so, some pitches are more tricky than the others and require higher focus. The rock is perfect, while the protections and belays could be improved. The most amazing pitch is the one that passes between two vertical rock faces through a sort of window. The last and most challengin pitch is a IV°+ grade one, but it is possible to avoid it by climbing up on the right-hand side on an easy, pebbly couloir.

Both the approach and the descent are highly enjoyable: the approach path includes an old First World War tunnel that passes through the whole mountain and ends up on the opposite side, close to the start of the route (you will need to bring along a head torch); the descent path follows a former military trail along the north-western ridge and down to the foot of the rock face.

Information about the climbing route Via Cobertaldo at Falzarego Pass

Pitches: 7

Difficulty level: 4°, 4°+ max.

The route is equipped with: cemented bolts.

Route length: 210 metres.

Ascent duration time: 2/3 hours.

Equipment needed: ordinary mountaineering gear.

Approach and descent through a trail.


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