Climbing route on Punta Fiames, Via Spigolo Jori

This route was opened by F. Jori and K. Bröske in 1909

This sharp edge is a great challenge to the mountaineers, who test their skills on the route that goes along it.

This climbing route is far from the most crowded ones, its starting point is reachable on foot, hiking on a trail among mountain pines and sheer cliffs.

The route goes along dihedrals and cracks up to the top of the peak. The climb is enjoyable and safe, the belay points are equipped with bolts that will be useful if you choose to come back on this same way.

Information about the climbing route Via Spigolo Fiames

Number of pitches: 13

Difficulty level: 4° e 5°.

Equipped with pitons and bolts in the belay points.

Route length: 450 metres.

Duration time: 5/6 hours.

Equipment needed: the usual mountaineering gear.

Back and forth trip to the climbing site: on foot, on easy trail.


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