Climbing in Cinque Torri

In Cortina the great rock-climbing wall at the 5 Torri was established near the end of the nineteenth century. This is where the great climbers from Ampezzo such as Angelo Dibona and Giuseppe Dimai traced their first routes at 4b-4c level of difficulty; and where in the thirties a group of climbing enthusiasts formed the Scoiattoli (Squirrels) di Cortina Club on July 1st, 1936.

Their logo used to be a red squirrel sitting on a rock which was embroidered on their red sweater. Today this has become the symbol of Cortina, and the Scoiattoli Club numbers over 50 climbers.

The Great Tower, the Torre del Barancio, the Latin Tower, the Torre Quarta Alta and the English Tower make up the 5 Torri; multiple large rocks surround this area, making it so fascinating.

Each year this great rock-climbing wall beckons an amazing number of climbers from all over the world as the environment, rock quality and safety in climbing make this place unique.

The Rock-Climbing Wall

The rock-climbing wall at 5 Torri offers over 300 routes, from third difficulty level to 8b, from single length to longer routes, either classic or challenging. Most faces have been fully bolted specifically to ensure the safety of the rock-climbing school or for beginners.

You can reach the rock-climbing wall very quickly by a fast chairlift leaving from the parking lot in Bai de Dones, reaching the Rifugio Scoiattoli at 2200 meters.

Alternatively, you can drive along an easy paved road leading to the Rifugio 5 Torri (the road is closed August 10 through the 25th -- shuttle service is available). All the lodges in the 5 Torri area offer overnight stay and great cuisine. They are open June 15 to September 25.


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