Canyoning in the Dolomites

Canyoning in the Dolomites is an ever-growing activity. What could be more exciting than discovering spellbinding and unique surroundings, and navigating among gorges, rocks, water, ravines and waterfalls? What an adrenaline rush!

Information on canyoning in the Dolomites

Canyoning in the Dolomites is an activity based on climbing down river beds and narrow gorges carved and dug by the force of running water for centuries.

In the Dolomites, canyoning treks have various degrees of difficulty and length; they require the ability to swim and a good relationship with water by those practicing this activity.

Participants get equipped with a special full-body suit, floating vest, helmet, and a harness to descend any crystal-clear waterfall they might encounter.

Along the way, different techniques are used depending on the river morphology, such as jumping a few meters into deep water pools, or letting yourself get freely carried away along natural slides smoothed out by the water, and descending for several meters with a double rope along thunderous waterfalls.

Highly qualified Alpine Guides handle all canyoning excursions in the Dolomites. Participants are always divided into small groups.

Canyoning in the Dolomites

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