"Canalino della Liberazione", backcountry on the Dolomites couloirs

First ascensionists: Mario Dibona – moro, Andrea Bacchin, Giacomo Venier.

"On 25th April, Italy's Liberation Day (after which the route is named), Andrea, Giacomo and I decided to pioneer a new backcountry route along a narrow gully on the Torre di Fanis Nord peak, in the Val Travenanzes area.

The ascent can be performed using the ice axe and crampons, the route goes along a vertical, narrow couloir covered by compact snow, that stretches out for approximately 380 metres to reach a small saddle, where the elevation is 2658 metres a.s.l..

From there, the descending path goes along the steep gully to the North..." (Mario)

We strongly recommend that you embark on this ascent only when the snow is perfectly settled or when the snowpacks uphill of the long couloir have already moved downhill.

Information about the backcountry ski touring in the "Canalino della Liberazione" couloir

From the starting point on Mount Lagazuoi, close to the cable car terminal, you will have to leave the ski slope and traverse horizontally below the avalanche snow bridges to reach the mountain saddle known as Forcella Gasser Depot, from where it is possible to spot the whole ascending path along the couloir.

When you reach the bottom of the rill, at the foot of the mountain rock face, you will have to wear your crampons in order to begin your ascent. After approximately 150 metres, you will have to go past a sheer cliff face whose rocks are covered with ice, in order to reach the narrow saddle on the top.

The average slope of the couloir is 50 degrees.

Once you reach the saddle, you will be at the top of the descent couloir, which is very steep at the beginning and has a milder slope in the second half.

The slope of the steeper part of the descent is 55 degrees.

Once you get to the end of the gully, the descent becomes even easier and more relaxing, continuing on a wider slope, in the wonderful amphitheatre created by the peaks of Cadin di Fanes.

In order to go back to the starting point, the Lagazuoi cable car terminal, you will have to ascend again the Forcella del Mortaio saddle and then continue to reach Forcella Travenanzes saddle.

A longer, alternative itinerary is the following: you can continue your off-piste skiing descent on the slopes that reach the "Casone di Val Travenanzes" mountain hut, from where you it is possible to keep going down the Val Travenanzes and reach the hamlet of Fiames.

Technical information about the backcountry ski excursion:

  • Starting and arrival point: Lagazuoi cable car
  • Mountain/massif: Fanis group
  • Elevation gain of the gully: 380 metres
  • Overall duration time (backward route through Forcella del Mortaio included): approximately 5 hours
  • Ascent exposure: South
  • Descent exposure: North
  • Average slope of the ascending path: 50°
  • Maximum slope of the descending path: 55° 
  • Difficulty level: advanced, suitable for highly experienced ski mountaineers

The mountain huts along the path and nearby offering facilities and food are the following:

  • Rifugio Lagazuoi
  • Rifugio ristorante da Strobel
  • Rifugio ristorante Col Gallina


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