A Torch-Lit Evening on Snowshoes Followed by Dinner at a Mountain Lodge

This evening snowshoes excursion, with torches lighting up our tracks on the snow, is a spellbinding and uncommon experience.

We leave from a lodge or a mountain cabin reachable by car or by snowmobile. We light our torches, wear our snowshoes and we advance into a beautiful larch and spruce forest, following tracks of animals leading to the hay mangers. When it's snowing the forest atmosphere is even more beautiful, fairytale magical; and in a clear and cloudless night, as we climb higher, perhaps under a full moon, the view of the shining peaks and the starry sky, dotted by a multitude of constellations, is just breathtaking.

After we complete the itinerary under the torch lights admiring the fabulous Dolomitic surroundings, we reach a warm and welcoming lodge where we can enjoy mulled wine and enjoy delicious local mountain dishes. From there it is possible to go back down sledding along the snowy trail.

Information on the snowshoes torch-lit excursion at night

We offer easy trails suitable for all, from adults to youngsters. The elevation gain and the length of the excursion are designed to suit its participants.

This excursion can be organized for New Year's Eve, spending the last day of the year in a very special way, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of an unblemished Nature. Along the trail we will light a fire to prepare the mulled wine and warm up the delicious local desserts. We will toast the end of the year as we face the beautiful Dolomites: an experience just for the lucky few!


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