Sport climbing course

Sport climbing is becoming increasingly popular and is practiced both at a competitive and amateur level, and also as a physical education activity. It is a natural form of rock climbing, that can be practiced both on artificial climbing walls and natural rock faces, along paths specifically equipped with compulsory fall protection anchors fixed to the rock or wall.

Sport climbing paths are far from the most important and renowned climbing routes, but, even so, the climber's body and mind are fully committed to this challenge to themselves. This discipline gets climbers in contact with nature and lays the technical foundation to face the mountain environment.

Sport climbing is an activity particularly suitable for kids, as its educational contents promote a healthy and constructive approach to life.

Information about the beginner sport climbing course

The sport climbing course provides climbers with the information, knowledge and technical skills needed to competently and safely climb indoor, in the climbing gyms, as well as outdoor, on the cliffs.

It is aimed at beginners, people interested and fascinated by this discipline and willing to take their first steps, as well as experienced climbers willing to improve their technical skills.

The sport climbing course is held all year long by a Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide. Depending on the season and on the weather conditions, it takes place either on the beautiful and specifically equipped dolomitic cliffs or in one of the various indoor climbing gym in Cortina surroundings.

The course lasts three days, is aimed at children and adults, individuals or groups of not more than six persons per Mountain Guide.

Topics covered during the sport climbing course:

  • Safety equipment and techniques: knots, rope manoeuvres and correct use of the rope, use of the GriGri descender, how to secure climbing partner's safety, belay methods
  • Climbing techniques: balance, managing the body centre of gravity, correct feet movements, legs push, progression....
  • Practice sessions: training exercises to improve balance and agility, climbing a route as a belayer, opening a new route, abseiling...

Dolomiti SkiRock will provide you with all the necessary equipment.


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