Ski mountaineering course

Born out of necessity as a means of transport used in the past to ascend and descend the peaks covered with snow, the ski mountaineering discipline is currently one of the most fascinating, complete and enjoyable sports activities that can be done in the mountains.

Ski mountaineering includes uphill ascents of different levels of difficulty, with more or less significant elevation gain, and downhill skiing along untracked slopes, gullies and woods.

It is an extremely gratifying discipline that almost everyone can practice, but it requires technical skills and physical training, in addition to a deep knowledge of the mountain environment, weather and terrain and snow conditions.

Information about the ski mountaineering course

Our ski mountaineering course is devised to offer a gradual and conscious approach to this discipline. It provides the theory and skill set needed to learn the correct use of the equipment, the specific uphill and downhill ski mountaineering techniques and the fundamental safety measures on the different terrains, with any snow and weather condition.

The ski mountaineering course is held by a Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide on the beautiful skiing itineraries around Cortina d'Ampezzo. It lasts two days and is aimed both at individuals and groups, children and adults.

Topics covered during the ski mountaineering course:

  • ascent techniques, diagonal traverse, kick turn, step turn
  • off-piste skiing techniques, veers, Stem Christie technique for turning, jump turns
  • use of the ski mountaineering technical equipment needed
  • use of the technical safety equipment: ABS avalanche backpack, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe
  • avalanche self-rescue methods and techniques
  • environmental assessment, choice and planning of the ascent and descent itineraries
  • how to read topographic maps



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