Self-rescue course

Climbing up a rock face is a potentially dangerous activity, that is to be practiced with great awareness of one's limits, technical skills and environmental factors related to the location where the excursion takes place.

The awareness and assessment of general and personal risks implied in a climbing expedition allow climbers to manage risks and to considerably reduce the effects of possible accidents.

In case of an emergency, the climber must know how to manage the situation not to put at further risk his rope team mates' and his own safety. A wrongly performed self-rescue manoeuvre may be disastrous for all the rope team members.

Information about the self-rescue course

The self-rescue course is aimed at teaching the fundamental self-rescue techniques and manoeuvres necessary in case a harmful event jeopardizes the rope team safety or an accident happens to the lead climber or the belayer. 

During the course, you will learn how to give first-aid to the wounded and how to deal with "suspension trauma", also known as "harness hang syndrome" in the mountaineering world. It is a clinical condition that combines motionless suspension with loss of consciousness and may result in death in a short time if we do not take action promptly and competently.

The self-rescue course is held all year long by a Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide. Depending on the season and on the weather conditions, it takes place either outdoor, on the cliffs, or indoor, in the climbing gym.

The course lasts one day, is aimed at children and adults, individuals or groups of not more than six persons per Mountain Guide.

The self-rescue course covers various topics, such as:
  • Types of harmful factors that may cause accidents
  • Self-rescue manoeuvres, techniques and specific equipment
  • Different self-rescue manoeuvres for the lead climber and the belayer, according to their position (above/below the belay point) and situation (types of injuries received, the climber is self-sufficient or not)
  • Medical facts and first-aid treatments


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