Ice climbing course

The ice climbing courses include theory classes, that will be held preferably on the spot, and practice ice climbing sessions on icefalls.

Depending on the safety conditions of the icefalls, the Mountain Guide will choose the most suitable location for the course, where the participants will learn the correct ice climbing techniques and body positions during training sessions specifically tailored on their needs and level of skills.

The ice climbing course covers all the techniques of progression on ice with crampons and axe, from the fundamentals to the advanced triangle position, how to place the ice screws and construct the "Abalakov" thread, the fundamental safety measures, such as the correct ways to tie knots, and all the protection devices and techniques most suitable for ice climbing.

Information about the ice climbing course

Our ice climbing course provides the theoretical knowledge and technical skills needed to safely climb on icefalls and is devised to gradually improve the participants' skills, to make them able to progress autonomously on itineraries of average difficulty.

The ice climbing course will be held by a Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide, who will always choose the itinerary depending on the participants' technical skills and physical fitness, and on the safety conditions of the icefalls.

The course takes place every winter, from December to February, and includes 2 sessions. It is aimed at individuals or groups of not more than four persons per Mountain Guide.

Topics covered during the theory sessions of the ice climbing course:

  • Structural limits and functioning of the ice climbing equipment
  • Specific technical tools for climbing on icefalls, different types of equipment and their maintenance
  • Studying, planning and training for an ascent
  • General and personal risks, avalanche risk assessment
  • Training and nutrition
  • Emergency and self-rescue techniques, first aid procedures

Topics covered during the practice sessions of the ice climbing course:

  • Use of ice crampons and axe
  • Fundamental ice climbing techniques, from the basic position to the advanced triangle position
  • Use of the ice screws, ice-screw belay techniques, construction of the "Abalakov" thread, abseiling
  • Most appropriate belay techniques and use of the anchors
  • Rope team progression
  • Development of evaluation skills: how to choose the most suitable location and itinerary, general and personal risk assessment
  • Trial of different types of equipment and performance evaluation
  • Risk and safety assessment, use of the avalanche transceiver


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