High-altitude mountaineering course

Snow, ice and rocks make up the mixed terrain where the mountaineer has to move in order to reach the summit of high peaks. Therefore, he has to master different disciplines, have deep knowledge and experience in all of them and have excellent technical and physical skills.

Information about the high-altitude mountaineering course

The high-altitude mountaineering course is devised to provide the participants with the theory and skill set needed to competently and safely move on glaciers and in the high-altitude mountain environment. This course will take your skills to a very good level and will enable you to progress autonomously on itineraries of average difficulty.

The high-altitude mountaineering course is held by an experienced Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide on the mountains that are part of the history of mountaineering on the Alps. The itinerary will always be chosen accordingly to the participants' technical skills and physical fitness./p>

The course is held in summer, lasts three or five days and is aimed at individuals or groups of not more than four persons per Mountain Guide.

The high-altitude mountaineering course covers various topics, such as:

  • Organization and planning of an excursion
  • Gear and equipment
  • Rope manoeuvres and knots
  • Progression on rocks
  • Progression on ice
  • Rescue manoeuvres
  • Mountain medicine
  • Physical training
  • Topography and use of the GPS

The high-altitude mountaineering practice sessions cover specific topics, such as:

  • techniques to progress on rocks/snow/ice/mixed terrain
  • techniques to progress with crampons and axe
  • various types of anchoring on snow and ice (ice screws, deadman anchor, snow pickets...)
  • safety measures on glaciers (rope systems, fall restraint and stop, self-rescue, crevasse rescue...)

The course will end with a high-altitude mountaineering excursion, specifically devised to suit the individual or group of participants' level, which will test the mountaineers' ability and technical skills gained through the course.


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