Beginner rock climbing course

Rock climbing is the discipline that allows you to progress on vertical terrain and steep rock faces in complete safety and in harmony with your body and mind.

Rock climbing is a physically and psychologically demanding activity, that expresses the traditional values of the mountains and teaches us loyalty, solidarity and honesty. Therefore, it is an activity particularly suitable for kids' education and personal growth.

Information about the beginner rock climbing course

The beginner rock climbing course provide the information and technical skills necessary to learn the fundamentals of rock climbing and mountaineering. It is aimed at people that do not have any experience in climbing, but are interested and fascinated by this amazing discipline. Our beginner course is the first step you need to do, in order to learn the essential theory and techniques and to live your first rock climbing experience autonomously and in complete safety.

The beginner rock climbing course is held every day of the week, from May to October, by a Dolomiti SkiRock Alpine Guide. It usually takes place in the wonderful environment of the Cinque Torri, a perfectly equipped and suitable location, that includes some of the most beautiful dolomitic cliffs that surround Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The rock climbing course lasts two days, is aimed at individuals or groups (not more than six persons per Mountain Guide) and can be attended by adults as well as children.

The beginner rock climbing course covers various topics, such as:

  • Safety measures and equipment: knots, correct use of rope, GriGri descender and tubular descender, belay methods to secure climbing partner's safety, fall factor...
  • Basic climbing techniques: managing the body centre of gravity, balance, correct feet movements, legs push, progression....
  • Practice sessions: training exercises to improve balance and agility, climbing a route as a belayer, opening a new route, abseiling...

Dolomiti SkiRock will provide you with all the necessary equipment.


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