Advanced rock climbing course on mountain routes

Focus, balance, strength, agility, self control and technical expertise: these are the skills required to climb on multi-pitch high-mountain climbing routes, that can be earned through hard training, practice and predisposition.

The Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guides provide climbers with the psychological and technical training needed to lead and manage the rope team and to know and understand the natural environment where the climbing expedition takes place, thus enabling them to live their climbing experiences to the fullest.

Information about the advanced rock climbing course on mountain routes

The advanced rock climbing course is a training session that consists of climbing multi-pitch mountain routes with one of our Mountain Guides as rope team mate. This course is aimed at experienced climbers, that have already attended the beginner and intermediate modules or have gained anyway good technical skills.

The advanced rock climbing course on mountain routes is held every day of the week, from May to October, by a Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide. The route is always one of the Dolomites classic climbing routes, chosen depending on the participant's technical skills and physical fitness.

The course lasts three days and is aimed at individuals or groups of not more than two persons per Mountain Guide.

The advanced rock climbing course on multi-pitch mountain routes covers various topics, such as:

  • Equipment: knots, double rope, friends, nuts, belay device, descender, cords...
  • Climbing techniques and safety measures: progressing as lead climber, orientation, placing the climbing protections, belay methods and devices, rope team mate rescue, abseiling, using pulleys for crevasse rescue...
  • Environmental management: planning and studying the route, assessing back and forth travel time and weather conditions...


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